Women's Mountain Bike Coaching

Our Women only coaching programs are ideal for those mountain bikers who want to improve their riding skills, meet new people and boost their confidence by pushing their limits in an encouraging & friendly all female environment.

core skills & techniques

Weekly check-ins with your coach to develop and progress your skills throughout the program.

Beginner to Advanced

Monthly programs consisting of four 2.5 hour sessions once a week. Programs begin in the month of April & finish in October.

Female Coach

Experienced Female PMBIA certified coach to support your individual goals in a team environment.

Course Overview

What will i learn?

We offer Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Monthly programs. Depending on where you are in your riding journey we will cover the following skills with you on a variety of terrain and trail features to help you progress your riding ability:

Position & Balance

Build stability & control on your bike so that you are able to resist forces on the trail, enabling you to react & recover with a greater range of movement.

Operation of Controls

Gear selection to maintain efficient cadence so you can ride for longer! As well as how to control speed and traction on varied terrain with different braking ratios.

Terrain Awareness

Learn how to plan your lines and achieve that dreamy flow & efficiency through corners and features, a better awareness for upcoming terrain and line choice.

Direction & Pressure Control

How rotation, leaning and angulation can improve your cornering ability. Learn to ride more smoothly by increasing traction and/or speed by controlling, creating or releasing pressure from the bike.

Which level of Course is right For You?

We offer Beginner to Advanced Monthly camps throughout the season. In order to place your riding ability appropriately when signing up to a program, please read the following information:

Beginner Programs:
Riders are able to ride a bike comfortably on most green trails. Here in Squamish, this includes trails such as Wonderland, Cliffs & Robs Corners. You are now looking to start to progress these fundamental skills onto blue terrain & features.

Intermediate Programs:
Riders are confident and can carry speed on most blue trails; both flow and technical trails. Here in Squamish examples include Half Nelson, Recycle, Leave of Absence. You are now looking to unlock the skills needed to progress onto more difficult black features (rock rolls and small drops) such as the black diamond options on Leave of Absence.

Advanced Programs:
Two years+ of riding experience in varying terrain and riding environments. Comfortable and consistent on black trails, in Squamish these are trails such as Ditch Pig, Pamplemousse, Rupert. Now you want to add skills to your tool box to improve on larger jumps & drops as well as steep technical terrain.

Ready to ride?